• MACRONIX INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.  旺宏電子識別系統 - 紐約設計案例示範

    Corporate Identity


    Macronix International Co., Ltd., one of our very first clients (1988), is by far the one with which we have the most project assignment and business relationship, which is gradually expanding over the course of time...
    Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) 台灣工業技術研究院
    Macronix International Co., Ltd. (MXIC) 旺宏電子股份有限公司
    Champion Consulting Corporation 建邦顧問股份有限公司
    Caesar Technology Inc. 鑫成科技股份有限公司
    Aetas Peripheral Corporation 新釆科技股份有限公司

    What a CUSTOMER!... Thank you to you Dr. Ding-Hua Hu. And YES we did all...